White Onyx Texture

White Onyx

Iranian white onyx with stunning white background and dark/light brown streaks on its surface and also high transparency is commonly used in bathroom, paving of residential units, kitchen counters, hotel’s lobby floors and walls, interior decoration and so on.

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What Is Onyx Stone?

Onyx is a soft, brittle stone that forms when limestone is dissolved and redeposited. It often originates from dripstone deposits in limestone caves, where it forms as stalactites and stalagmites. It can contain colorful veins and unique swirling patterns.

Iranian Onyx

Iran is 3rd biggest global stone producer and the 5th richest country in the world in terms of natural stone resource. Iran ranks 1st in the world when it comes to the variety of stones, colors, quality and processing. You can find one of the best onyx stone in different parts of Iran where has various kinds of natural stone mines. Iranian onyx is well-known and popular worldwide and is exported to many countries all over the world due to its beauty, high quality and low porosity.

The Characteristics & Specifications of Onyx

Onyx is found in brown, green, white and blue variations, with natural looking veins that gives it depth and texture. It is highly durable and resistant to acids, preferred for exterior and interior flooring as well as cladding.

Types of Onyx

We can categorize it based on color, size and finish. It does come in a variety of colors, such as brown, green, white, blue and more. Although our onyx block, slab and tile sizes differ depending on customer’s inquiry, our popular tile sizes are 30×60, 40×60, 40×80, 40×100 and 40×120.

Onyx Finishes

Onyx has several finishes including brushed, honed, polished and leathered.
These finishes will affect the appearance of the stone, as a result of this fact, in order to select the best finish style, before purchasing this product you should consider some factors such as the look and beauty of the stone, the place you would like to install it and also its application. Here, in our company, we offer our customers four textures:

  • Brushed: Brushed onyx has a matte (non-reflective) finish due to wire brush treatment.
  • Honed: Honed onyx is halfway between matte and glossy, creating a balanced, subtly polished look.
  • leathered: leathered finish is a newer style that is gaining more traction in the design world, it is produced by using diamond brushes making a soft sheen with a textured appearance which is more stain-resistant. It will also better accentuate your stone’s natural color.
  • Polished: Shiny and glossy, polished onyx is an eye-catching, sophisticated style due to the fact that it makes the stone color pops up.

in case of additional questions about stone’s texture and finish, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Onyx Uses

Onyx is a good option for  interior spaces, including backsplash, bathroom vanities, walling, flooring, around the base of a kitchen island. It is also an excellent choice for creating impressive accent areas. Onyx can be backlit thanks to its translucence which can add a sense of luxury and prestige to your home/office.

Pros and Cons of Onyx

Aesthetics, translucence, long lasting, wide variety of colors and finishing options,  impermeability, easy to clean.

fragility, Softness, sensitivity to stains.

Onyx Block, Tile, Slab & More

In order to gain more information about onyx stone, different types of it, size and colours, quality and features, uses and application, please click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.