Established in 2012, Borj Stone Corporation, operating as Estasazan Borj Sepano, is a pioneering manufacturer of natural stone. We transform mountain-sourced stone into exquisite products using cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled professionals. Our comprehensive services cater to specific customer requirements, including consultation, sales, transportation, and after-sales support. As a leading exporter of premium Iranian blocks, tiles, and slabs, encompassing marble, granite, onyx, and travertine, we have gained industry expertise and recognition. Our diverse range of top-quality products caters to markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team provides reliable and professional services, from initial consultation to post-sales support. We are eager to serve you and fulfill your natural stone needs with our unparalleled products and personalized solutions.

Our Mission

As a top stone manufacturer in Iran, with 10+ years of experience in exporting block, slab and tile, we abide by the highest industry standards. Our mission at BORJ Corporation is to provide in-depth knowledge, first-rate service, and wide range of choices for designers, architects, wholesalers, suppliers and contractors.

Competitive price

Providing high-quality, competitively priced building stones.


Contributing to the global growth of the Iranian natural stone industry.

Updated prices

Responding promptly and providing up-to-date prices.

Guaranteed delivery

Guaranteed on-time delivery of quality goods.

Easy shopping

Offering a seamless shopping experience at Borj.

Who Are We?

Our team consists of skilled professionals specializing in producing, marketing, shipping, and the stone industry. With advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise, we offer a wide range of premium Iranian natural stones, including marble, travertine, granite, and onyx. We take pride in delivering these exceptional products at competitive prices. BORJ Corporation is committed to providing world-class quality products, highlighting Iran’s prominent role as a leading exporter. We prioritize quality and strive to be a trusted provider of premium natural stones.

Our Background

Established in 2012 in Iran, Borj Stone Co. (Estasazan Borj Sepano) is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of marble, granite, onyx, and travertine. Initially exporting to the Far East, we have since expanded our reach to the Middle East and North Africa. With over 70,000 square meters of processed stone and 10,000 tons of raw stone exported to 50+ countries last year, we have become a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium Iranian blocks, tiles, and slabs. Our commitment to quality is unwavering as we adhere to the highest production standards. Through meticulous quality control procedures, which combine automated and manual inspections with cutting-edge technologies, we ensure exceptional products. Despite our dedication to excellence, we also prioritize affordability, offering competitive prices to our valued customers. As a result, we have earned a strong reputation in the industry for delivering superior products.

Where Are We?

Head office address:

NO 4, Saeed Complex, Arbab St, Isfahan, Iran

Factory address:

6th West Street, Rezvan Shahr Industrial Town, Isfahan, Iran

Our Goal

✤ Offer a wide range of high-quality stones, including marble, granite, onyx, and travertine.

✤ Provide competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products.

✤ Maintain a reliable and efficient supply chain to ensure timely delivery of orders.

✤ Provide detailed product information, including specifications, finishes, and available sizes, to assist customers in making informed choices.

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Our vision

Supplying stone is not just our job, it is our passion. We are always eager to discover unique patterns and rare stones with strong and durable texture. We are seeking to develop a broader network for supplying the best Iranian stones.

Our Certificates