Beige Travertine Texture

Beige Travertine

Persian beige travertine with a beige background, high density, high compressive strength and low water absorption is extracted and processed from different mines in Takab in Azarbaijan province in Iran. Iran is one of the most important sources of beige travertine with the best quality and premium grade all over the world. Beige travertine’s distinctive features are low density, durability and light weight. Common uses of travertine are about driveways, walkways, floors and walls, courtyards and patio, sanitary ware, stairways, fireplaces and so on.

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Beige travertine solid surface is a versatile and durable material that is commonly used for countertops, vanities, and other surfaces in residential and commercial spaces. Made from a blend of natural travertine stone and resin, this solid surface offers the aesthetic appeal of travertine with enhanced strength and durability. The beige color palette of this material adds warmth and elegance to any space, while its smooth and seamless surface provides a sleek and modern look. Beige travertine solid surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Its non-porous nature also makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. Whether used in kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas, beige travertine solid surface offers a timeless and sophisticated option for creating stunning interior surfaces.