Armani Grey Marble Price

Armani Grey Marble Price

Determining Armani Grey Marble Price and Value

Armani grey marble stone is one of the most luxurious and durable natural stones, with a very high quality. As a result many designers and builders, use this stone for the interior and exterior facades of their buildings. There are many factors that can affect Armani grey marble price. For instance, sort, size, thickness, stone crack, uniformity, stone quality, extraction and process and methods and quality, finish, purity, quality of stone cutting, freight and shipping, stone color and pattern, stone packaging, currency fluctuations and so on. Moreover, we will review some of mentioned features in the following.


Size, Dimension and Thickness

To determine the price of this stone, you should pay attention to its size, due to to the fact that the rates are different for different sizes. Consequently, larger slabs and tiles will cost more, comparing to smaller ones. Additionally, the common thickness is 2 cm according to international standards. However, clearly thicker slabs and tiles are more expensive. Furthermore, the common tile sizes are 30×60, 40×60, 40×80, 40×100 and 40×140. We can even supply other sizes based on customer’s demand. 

Armani Grey Marble Price


Stone Appearance

Pure stone with uniform color, having less patterns on it with no defect and crack is more valuable. Stone quality and its quarry is an important element for raising price of Armani grey marble as well as physical features. 


Process Methods and Quality

The stone processing quality in terms of finish, cutting, and resin can also affect the price of this product. Materials, devices, machines and technologies in all levels of process from extracting to cutting and finishing the surface of stone are all important in pricing. 


Armani Grey Marble Price

Due to factors above, the most recent rates of this product are followed by the table below in blockslab and tile size.

30 × 60
60 × 60


Armani Grey Marble Price, Rate and More

In order to gain further information and details about Armani grey marble cost and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality and features, uses and application, please check this page or click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.


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