Armani Grey Tile

Armani Grey Tile

Armani Grey Tile and Slab

Armani grey tile and slab and block are highly demanded in both local and global market. After extracting this stone from quarries in the form of bock, they send it to factories for process and cutting in slab and tile sizes. 


Slab Vs Tile

Although slab is larger and heavier than tile, tiles are more common in construction. That might be due to the light weight, cheaper price and much uniformity in shape, quality and texture. As a result, tiles are an ideal choice for giving a uniform and clear beauty to the design. On the other hand, tiles are easy to install due to their weight and size. Additionally, slabs are more expensive because of higher transportation cost and breakage possibility. Worth mentioning that the best thing about tile is that you can demand any size you would like. Popular tile sizes are about: 30×60, 40×60, 60×60, 40×80, 40×100 and 40×140. Moreover, both of slab and tile usually have the same thickness which is 2 cm.


Tiles Price

To find out more about our updated rates and prices as well as factors impacting them please read below articles:

Armani Grey Tile


Where to Use Armani Grey Tile

Stone tiles are typically used in kitchen, sanitary ware, hallways and corridor, conservatories, living room, and for exterior paved areas on both walls and floors. Armani tiles are suitable for different parts pf kitchen including backsplash, countertops, kitchen island, floor and walls. You can utilize them in bathroom as shower’s floors, basin sink as well as walls.


Armani Grey Tile, Slab and More

In order to gain further information and details about Armani Grey tile price and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality and features, uses and application, please check this page or click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.

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