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key points to consider when buying Armani Grey marble

Armani Grey Properties

You have absolutely heard Pietra Gray or Armani grey marble stone’s name in case of working in connection with the construction industry. Armani grey or Pietra grey is a kind of marble stone that is an extremely popular and famous marble all over the world. The reason why this natural stone attracts many builders’ and contractors’ attention is its affordable price as well as its luxurious beauty. Its unique dark color and gorgeous streaks on its surface make it very desirable for many applications in the construction industry. Both in interior and exterior design. As an admired marble stone, Armani Grey’s sale is very high due to its popularity among architects, builders, designers, and project managers. Consequently, the majority of exported stones from Iran, the origin country of this natural stone, include different sizes of Pietra grey such as slab, tile as well as block.


Blocks, Slabs, and Tiles of Armani Grey Marble

Due to the high demand for this product, manufacturers provide different shapes and sizes of this stone as well as several sorts and grades. After extracting this natural stone from quarries, they process and cut it into the form of blocksslabs, and tile. Common sizes of marble stones are available for Armani grey as well as the customer’s required sizes. This Persian marble stone usually comes in different sorts and finishes due to the application and customer demand. In case of additional questions about this product as well as demanding different size, you can contact one of our sales consultants.

Armani Grey Stone


Origin and Quarries of Armani Grey

The origin country of Pietra Grey is Iran. In southern Isfahan, Lashotor district, you can find Armani Grey’s quarries. That is why this stone is also known as the Lashotor marble stone.  A wide range of this product is produced in this area. As a result, Iran is exporting this natural stone to many countries specifically India, China, Iraq, and Gulf countries. Statics illustrates that Iran, with over 4 million tons of natural stone resources including graniteonyxtravertine, and marble, has the highest quality and the most diverse colors and patterns compared to other manufacturers. Moreover, Armani grey marble stone plays an important role in Iran’s stone export. 


Why Armani Gray is Popular?

Armani grey marble stone, also called Pietra grey is a natural stone that is well known all over the world. The demand for this stone is very high due to its features, beauty, rate, and quality. That is why manufacturers export this product to other countries. Undoubtedly this stone is one of the top-selling products in the global market, as well as the local market of its country of origin. You can definitely find this natural stone in showrooms in any country. To find out why this material is admired and popular, we will discuss its pros and cons in the following.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Like anything else, this stone has some pros and cons. For instance, high durability, reasonable price, and beauty are the most important benefits of this product. On the other hand, being prone to staining and scratching is a drawback. Unique and elegant appearance, resistance to heat and water, ease to clean, and easy maintenance are other benefits of this stone.


Rate and Price

There are many factors affecting the price of Armani grey marble including sorting. According to these sorts and grades, you can check the most recent rates of this product in the table below in sorts and sizes. Worth mentioning that we calculate the block rate per ton and slab/tile price per square meter. For further information about other sizes please Contact Us.

30 × 60
60 × 60


Shipping and Freight

The shipping method for stone depends on some elements such as the stone’s type, shape as well as destination. Weight, mass, and dimensions are other factors that can affect the shipment method. Generally, the most common ways of shipping stone include ocean freight and truckload. On the one hand for some destinations, transport on the road with freight trucks might be easier and cheaper than sea transportation. On the other hand, container ships may be a better choice for countries with commercial ports. Worth mentioning that a 20-foot storage container has a capacity of 26 tonnes or 470 square meters.

Armani Grey Sale

Armani Grey Slab and Tile

Slab or tile? Which one is suitable for you? The answer depends on your budget, use of stone, freight method, required size, and some other elements. Although slab and tile have a similar quality, their shape and size are different as well as their weight. Tiles have various sizes and can be cut in almost any size that customers need. To summarize, considering mentioned factors above, it is completely up to you to choose slab over tile or the opposite.



Armani grey marble stone has a range of colors from light silver to dark greyish black. Generally, manufacturers categorize darker colors in super sort of Armani gray. As a result, grade A of Pietra grey slabs and tiles has darker color combined with some other factors compared to other sorts. To find out more about different sorts of this stone you can read this article.


Supplier Reputation 

Choose a reputable supplier that offers high-quality Armani Grey stone and provides good customer service. Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Here, at BorjStone company you will be able to select your required material by yourself or we will do it for you through an online procedure so you can check and elect every single piece by yourself. 



To summarize, there are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing Armani Grey marble. These elements include the quality of stone, price, packing and shipping, color and veining, size and thickness, finish, maintenance, and supplier reputation.

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