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Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Gray Marble Sorts

Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra gray marble or Armani grey marble is the most high demand stone in Iran which is exported to all over the world in different sizes such as, blockslab and tile. Since ancient times, builders were using this stone in their construction in its country of origin as a result of its quality, beauty and reasonable price. You can read more about this stone characteristics, rates and price, factors affecting its price, slab and tile sizes. Common sizes of marble stones are available for Armani grey as well. Also in case of additional questions about this product as well as demanding different size you can contact one of our sales consultants.


Sorts and Grades

Pietra gray marble stone (Armani gray) is typically categorized in different sorts and grades, according to its quality and appearance. There are three factors than we mostly use to sort this stone. These elements are about uniformity, burn mark and yellow streaks on the surface of the marble. Additionally, from top to bottom we will describe each sort .


Pietra Gray Marble Grade A

First grade has the highest quality, with a dark gray background, uniform color and flawless appearance. No burning mark can be seen on its surface, as well as yellow veins. Since these 


Grade B

Second grade has a high quality, with a dark gray background and uniform color, and no yellow streaks on its surface. However, a few burning marks on the stone’s surface are visible.


Grade C

Third grade has an average quality, with a light grey background and uniform color, obvious burning mark and yellow veins on its surface.


To summarize, we see all important details about Pietra Grey marble sorts in the following table:

Burn Mark
Yellow Streaks
Grade A
Grade B
Grade C


Pietra Gray Marble Price

Due to the sorts above and their differences, you can follow the most recent rates of this product in the table below in sorts and sizes. For further information about other sizes please Contact Us.

30 × 60
60 × 60
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