Pietra Grey Marble Price

Important Factors Affecting Pietra Grey Marble Price

Main Determinants Impacting Pietra Grey Price

You may notice that a specific stone has different rates, however this is the same product, but why is that? on the grounds of this, you should continue reading this article. Pietra Grey price depends on many factors which can increase or decrease the value of this product. In the following, we will read about them and set price policy in this article. First let me give you some details about this marble stone.


What Is Pietra Gray or Armani Grey

Armani grey or Pietra gray marble stone with universal fame is one of the most luxurious and durable natural stones, with a very high quality. It also has a gray background with white streaks that makes it so luxury and elegant for almost any application. That is the reason why many designers and builders, use this stone for the interior and exterior facades of their buildings. As a popular and high demand product, it has been using in Iran since a long time ago in construction industry. As a result, you can find this marvelous natural stone in many historical places in Iran.


What Are Elements Determining Pietra Grey Price?

Aforementioned, setting Armani Grey price and any other marble depends on a few features. According to these aspects we set Armani grey price. For instance, dimensions and size, stone crack, pattern and uniform color, thickness, extraction, cutting and process quality, finish, sort or classification, freight and shipping cost, purity, stone packaging, currency fluctuations, and finally the possibility of producing book-matched as well as four-matched slabs. Below, we will go through each in order to find out more about aspects affecting the rates.

Pietra Gray Marble Price


Size and Dimension

A large variety of different sizes of pietra gray are produced in Iran for exporting to global market all over the world. Pietragray marble blockslab and tile sizes differ according to customer’s inquiry. To determine the price of this stone, you should pay attention to its size, due to to the fact that the rates are different for different sizes. Consequently, larger slabs and tiles will cost more, comparing to smaller ones. Additionally, the common thickness is 2 cm according to international standards. However, clearly thicker slabs and tiles are more expensive. Furthermore, the common tile sizes are 30×60, 40×60, 40×80, 40×100 and 40×140. We can even supply other sizes based on customer’s demand. 


Relation Between Thickness & Pietra Grey Price

Although the most common thickness for pietra grey stone slab and tile is 2 centimeters, it is possible to provide other thicknesses according to client’s request. Clearly, the thicker it is, the value will increase.


Stone Appearance, Purity and Crack

Stone purity means, the stone is uniform and doesn’t have crack, stain or unusual patterns on its surface. This feature makes the stone more expensive and valuable. Pure stone with uniform color, having less patterns on it with no defect and crack is more valuable. Stone quality and its quarry is an important element for raising Armani grey price as well as physical features. 


Stone Quality and Process

In one hand, the stone quality is depended to its quarry. For instance, the best quality of Pietra gray stone comes from Lashotor quarries located in Isfahan, in Iran. On the other hand, process quality has a big role in final quality of stone. The stone processing quality in terms of finish, cutting, and resin can also affect the price of this product. Materials, devices, machines and technologies in all levels of process from extracting to cutting and finishing the surface of stone are all important in pricing. 

Pietra Grey Marble Price


Extraction and Cutting Quality

The process of stone extraction in quarry has several methods. As a result, the quality of quarried stone in terms of appearance, dimensions, cracks can change according to extraction method. Moreover, cutting techniques affect the stone quality to a great extent. Using efficient methods and suitable machines will raise the quality of the products as well as their rate. It is worth noting that, book-matched and four-matched slabs are processed in factories that are equipped with high quality and up-to-date devices.


Sort and Classification

Undoubtedly, each natural stone block or slab is different from others, and these differences will be more visible after cutting and finishing their surface. However, this difference is one of the reasons for high demands for natural stones. Due to the fact that it creates a stunning natural effect. But when these differences exceed a certain limit, the manufacturer has to categorize them based on certain criteria. Armani grey stone also has different sorts and grades based on the quality and appearance. Consequently, the best sorts with the highest quality are more valuable. To be precise, the sorts vary from A to C. Therefore, grade A, is more valuable than grade B and C as a result of higher quality. Additionally, from top to bottom we will describe each sort .

Grade A :

First grade has the highest quality, with a dark grey background, uniform color and flawless appearance. No burning mark can be seen on its surface, as well as yellow veins.


Grade B :

Second grade has a high quality, with a dark grey background and uniform color, and no yellow streaks on its surface. However, a few burning marks on the stone’s surface are visible.


Grade C :

Third grade has an average quality, with a light grey background and uniform color, obvious burning mark and yellow veins on its surface.


Pietra Grey Price

Due to factors mentioned above, the most recent rates of this product are followed by the table below in blockslab and tile size.

30 × 60
60 × 60

Table description :

  • The thickness of slab and tile is about 2 cm.
  • The rate for block is calculated per tonne; for slab and tile, per sq meter.
  • According to customer’s demand, other sizes can be provided. For further information about other sizes of this stone and their rate, please Contact Us.



To summarize everything that has been stated so far, different quality slab and tiles of Pietra grey marble have different value. That is because of some elements involving in setting price policy which we have invested them above in details. In order to gain further information and details about Armani Grey price and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality and features, uses and application, please check pietra grey page or click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.

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