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Nero Marquina Marble Price

Nero Marquina Marble Price

Nero Marquina Marble Price and Rate

After selecting the type of required stone, the next step is calculating purchase budget which includes product price and shipping costs. To summarize, here, we would like to discuss Nero Marquina Marble price and the elements impacting the rates of this natural stone. In case of any question regarding Negro Markina marble, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales managers in BorjStone Corp.


Characteristics and Classification

Shiny surface, lack of water absorption, high abrasive resistance, high endurance and suitable porosity are the features of Negro marble. In one hand, high quality and durability as well as low price are the most important advantages of this black marble. On the hand, we recommend you not to use it outdoor for facade or any external application due to the fact that stone’s color might fade away in exposure to sunlight. As a result of not being resistant to sunlight, the ideal opting for Negro Markina marble is absolutely indoor applications.

Nero Marquina Marble Price


Factors Affecting Nero Marquina Marble Price

As we have mentioned above, there are some elements that affect the price of this stone. For instance, sort & grade, size, thickness, stone crack, uniformity, stone quality, quarries location, extraction & process methods, finish, quality of stone cutting, freight and shipping, packaging, currency fluctuations and so on. In the following we will go through some of the mentioned elements in detail.

Size, Dimension and Thickness: In fact, larger/thicker slabs and tiles cost more comparing to smaller/less thicker pieces. 

Stone Appearance: Obviously uniform stone with no defect, crack and higher quality is more valuable.

process and cut: process quality in terms of finish, cutting, and resin can also affect the price of this product. Materials, devices, machines and technologies in all levels of process from extracting to cutting and finishing, are important in pricing. 



To sum up everything that has stated so far, Nero stone price depends on some features. For this particular reason there is a range of rates for this product according to its grade and classification. Furthermore, the most recent rates of this product are followed by the table below in block, slab and tile size.

30 × 60
60 × 60

Table description :

  • The thickness of slab and tile is 2 cm.
  • The rate for block is calculated per tonne; for slab and tile, per sq meter.
  • According to customer’s demand, other sizes can be provided. For further information about other sizes of this stone and their rate, please Contact Us.
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