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Nero Marquina Marble Tile

Nero Marquina Marble Tile

Nero Marquina Marble Tile

Nero Marquina marble tile and slab are best selling products globally due to the beauty that this natural stone brings to its surrounding environment. Many builders, designers, architects and project managers also know this incredible black marble as Negro Marquina or Negro Markina. Accoding to high durability, high resistance and low price of this black marble, as well as other important characteristics, it  is widely used for interior design in bathroom, kitchen, living room and so on. Although here in BorjStone Corp we supply Negro marble in the form of block, slab and tile; some designers might prefer one form over another. 


Slab Vs Tile

Selecting the form and shape of the stone depends on the application and customer’s need. In fact, there is not any difference between slab and tile’s quality in extraction, processing, cutting and finishing the stone. Consequently, the only difference is in size and dimensions. As a result, tiles are more popular among builders in construction comparing to slabs. In the following, you can read about reasons for popularity of tiles in comparison with slabs. In case of any question in connection with Nero Marquina marble, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nero Marquina Marble Tile


Advantages of Nero Marquina Marble Tile

Although I have mentioned that tile and slab have the same quality, there are some differences that make architects in order to utilize marble tiles in their construction projects. Additionally, please find the advantages of black marble tiles below:

  • Tiles are smaller, so it would be easier to transfer and install them.
  • Tiles are cheaper, Also because of their smaller size the shipping will cost less.
  • It is more common to use tiles for paving the floor or even the walls. so it has many uses in many applications.
  • Tiles have much uniformity in shape and texture due to their size.
  • You can order tiles in any shape and size that you require.
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