Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Marble

What Is Nero Marquina Marble

Negro or Nero Marquina Marble is the most famous and well known black marble all around the world. That is because of the elegant pattern and beautiful appearance as well as reasonable price of this stone. This natural stone has a deep natural black background with stunning irregular white veins on its surface, making amazing patterns. In addition, black marble is available in different forms, shapes and sizes including block, slab and tile. As a result, common dimensions of tiles are about 30×60, 40×60, 40×80, 40×100, 40×140, and 60×60. Furthermore, the thickness for all slab and tiles is about 2 cm. Worth mentioning that proving required size is possible based on customer’s demand. In case of any question regarding Nero Marquina marble, please do not hesitate to contact one of us sales managers in BorjStone Corp.


Origin and Quarries

As you already know from the name, the origin country of Nero Marquina is Markina region in the north of Spain. However, you can find this stone also in Iran, in a Najaf Abad city’s quarries in the west of Isfahan province. To be specific, the advantage of Iranian Negro Markina comparing to Spanish one is its lower price. Moreover, this product like most of the stones has different sorts from high to medium range of quality.

Nero Marquina Marble


Nero Marquina Marble Process Method

After extraction, black marble, like any other stone will be transferred to factories in order to be processed and cut. The most usual processing options include, honed, polished, sanded, bush hammered as well as tumbled. Consequently, Each process method has its own beauty and application which mostly depends on customers taste and demand. It is worth noting that Pietra grey marble is another popular stone worldwide which has a big similarity to this marble stone with a lighter background. Other Black marbles are about, Golden black, Marshal and Spider marble.

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