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Nero Marquina Slab

Nero Marquina Slab

Nero Marquina Slab and Tile Size 

Nero Marquina slab is a form of black marble which is also called Negro Markina. Furthermore, other forms of this natural stone are available in block as well as tile. After extraction and processing the stone, factories cut them in a variety of several popular sizes. As a result, the tiles are available in almost any size. It is even possible to cut them in any size that customers require. Also, the usual thickness for both Nero Marquina slab and tile is 2 cm. Here, in BorjStone Corp we supply Negro marble in all forms of block, slab and tile in different sizes. Also, custom size tiles are available. In case of any other question regarding to Nero Marquina marble, please feel free to contact us


Iranian Black Marble

Although Nero marble’s origin country is Spain, NajafAbad quarries in Iran are a good source of this natural stone. Consequently, you can find this black stone in Iran with low price and high quality. These quarries are located in the heart of Iran, in the western Isfahan province

Nero Marquina Slab


Similar Stones to Nero Marquina Slab

There are some other black marbles which look alike Negro including Pietra grey, Golden blackMarshal and Spider which we describe them all in the following:

    • Negro Markina:  Shiny black background with white irregular veins which makes a bold contrast are features of this stone.
    • Pietra grey: This stone is very similar to Negro, but the difference is in blackish grey background which looks lighter.
    • Golden black: This product in a range of dark brown to black, with Irregular white and golden streaks on the surface.
    • Marshal: Marshal marble has a black theme with golden spider web patterns on it.
    • Spider: This stone has blackish brown background with caramel and golden spider web patterns.

Considering all the information above, worth mentioning that many designers prefer to utilize Nero with Carrara or Arabscato marble due to the beautiful contrast between black and white color. (Please check the picture above)

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