Pietra Grey Tile

Pietra Grey Tile

Pietra Grey Tile and Slab

Pietra grey tile and slab are commonly used nowadays all over the world due to their aesthetics, durability, high quality and very reasonable price. You can find this material in blockslab and tile size in different sorts, with different rates as well as different finishes.


What is the difference between slab and tile?

Slab is the integration of tiles, that is why it is bigger, heavier. Although slab is larger than tile, they both have the same quality. only the size and shape differs between slab and tile. Tiles are smaller than slabs, but they have various sizes depending on customer’s inquiry. Common tile sizes are about 30×60, 40×60, 60×60, 40×80, 40×100 and 40×140. Additionally both of slab and tile usually have the same thickness which is 2 cm.


Pros and Cons of Pietra Grey Tile

According to your project, budget and application, you should decide which one is suitable for you, tile or slab. Here, we will talk about pros and cons of both stone slab and tile.


Firstly, for some spaces such as floor using tiles is more common than slabs. As a result of this, many builders and designers prefer to use tiles for flooring and paving. Secondly, tiles are cheaper comparing to slabs. Third, since tiles are not as heavy as slabs, installing stone tiles would be easier. Last but not the least, shipping and freight of tiles is cheaper and easier due to its size and weight.


In one hand, when the stone size is small like tile sizes, the pattern is not very clear and obvious. on the other hand, tiles cannot be book-matched nor four-matched like slabs.

Pietra Grey Tile


Pietra Grey Marble Tile, Slab and More

In order to gain further information and details about Armani Gray marble tile price and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality and features, uses and application, please check this page or click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.

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