All You Need to Know about Armani Gray Marble Slab

All About Pietra Gray Marble Slab

Pietra gray marble slab is an elegant natural stone that like other marbles is formed when limestone experiences metamorphism. As a well-known Iranian marble, It is the most popular stone in Iran and best-selling in both local and international markets. This Persian marble stone usually comes in different sorts and finishes due to the application and customer demand. A wide range of this product is produced and the majority of it is exported to many countries all over the world. This stone with a grey background and white streaks suits almost any interior application in construction. It also has different sorts with different rates and quality. 


what are the characteristics of Pietra Grey Marble Slab?

After processing and finishing, this product becomes grayish-black with gorgeous white lines. Pietra grey marble slab has low water absorption, high compressive strength as well as high abrasive resistance. Moreover, the slabs are very durable with low porosity.


Pietra Gray Marble Slab Origin and Quarries

The origin country of this stone is Iran. Although you can find this stone in Italy, China, and Turkey, the quality and price cannot compete with Iranian ones. The quarries of Iranian Pietra grey are located in the center of Iran, Isfahan province, in Lashotor city, producing blockslab, and tile.

Iran has a high potential for all kinds of decorative natural stones. That is a result of a variety of geological occurrences in Persia and also the small forest cover and soils. One of the advantages of the stone industry in Iran is the diversity of its quarries. These stones include graniteonyxtravertine, and marble, with a large variety of colors. Worth mentioning that Isfahan is the main center of stone extraction and production in Iran.


Pietra Grey Marble Slab


Size and Dimension of Pietra Gray Slabs

Pietra grey marble slabs have various sizes, depending on the block size which they cut into slabs. Furthermore, although custom-sized slabs are available, the most common thickness is 2cm. You can find these slabs in a range of 1×1 sqm to 190×290 sqm. These slabs have also book-match and four-match possibilities for creating symmetrical designs.


What Are The Price and Rates of Armani Grey Slab?

The rates for Pietra grey slab are different according to the size, finish, sort, thickness, uniformity, extraction method, process quality, and many other factors. Generally, there are three different sorts of this stone. As a result, each grade has specific specifications. Subsequently, the factories categorize slabs based on their sort and set a price for each. For more information about the pricing policy please read our below post:

Important Factors Affecting Pietra Grey Marble Price


Uses and Application of Armani Grey Slab

Armani grey or as we call it, Pietra grey is a very ideal choice for almost any application. This product is suitable for both interior and exterior of the building. The most common uses of it are countertops, sanitary ware, wall, floor, backsplash, stairways, and almost everywhere in interior design. Also, It is a suitable option for bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Additionally, it is possible to use this black marble for cladding, facade, and any other outdoor space. 


Why Iranian Armany Grey Marble Is So Popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of this stone. Statistics show that after Italy, China, and India, Iran ranks fourth in the production of construction stones in the world. The resources of natural stone in the world reach about 15 billion tonnes. These resources are graniteonyxtravertine, and marble. In fact, Iran ranks first in the world, with 4.7 million tonnes of natural stone resources in the terms of variety of colors and quality of stones produced in.

Thereafter, Irani marble is high selling around the world, especially in middle ease, China, India, Pakistan, and Russia. But, why Peitra grey is so famous? Why do designers, builders, and project managers adore this dark marble? the answer is simple. Pietra Gray has everything that designers desire, such as beauty, being easily matched with other colors, durability, and resistance to water and humidity. This stone has been used since hundred years ago in historical places in Iran and has proved its qualifications as well. Another reason for Armani grey’s popularity is because of its ability to be easily polished in different ways.

Armani Grey Marble Slab

What is the difference between slab and tile?

A slab is the integration of tiles, which is why it is bigger and heavier. Although slab is larger than tile, they both have the same quality. only the size and shape differ between slab and tile. Additionally, both slab and tile usually have the same thickness which is 2 cm.


Why Designers Prefer Slabs Over Other Sizes

There are many reasons for choosing slabs of Armani grey marble stone over block and tile. First, in slab size, you can easily and clearly see the patterns and aesthetics of marble stone. second, you don’t have to go through severe procedures like processing, finishing, and cutting blocks. Third, slab size can cover much more of the space compared to tile sizes. Fourth, slabs have the possibility of creating book-match and four-match designs. Finally, in some specific spaces such as backsplash and walls, some architects prefer to use slabs instead of tile sizes.


Pietra Grey Marble Slab, Tile and More

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, Armani grey marble slab, also known as Pietra grey, is a notorious and widely known stone. It has been a long time since designers and builders are using this material in their construction projects in their origin country, Iran, as well as all around the world. Moreover, this product has many uses and applications in interior and exterior designs in almost every type of construction project.

In order to gain further information and details about Pietra Grey marble slab price and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality, and features, uses and application, please contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation

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