Nero Marquina Tile

Nero Marquina Tile

Nero Marquina Tile for Sale

Nero Marquina tile, slab and block have been using globally by designers since ancient times. Undoubtedly, this natural stone is the most famous black marble around the world. Although Nero Markina black marble originates from Spain, you can find an alike black marble with similar pattern in Iran’s quarries. Furthermore, these quarries are located near NajafAbad district in Esfahan province. As a result, this black marble is known as NajafAbad marble among Iranian architects in local market. In the following articles you can read more about Negro marble’s price and factors affecting it and the advantages of utilizing black marble tiles over slabs:

Here, in BorjStone Corp we supply Negro marble in the form of block, slab and tile in different sizes. Also, custom size tiles are available due to customer’s demand. In case of any question in connection with Nero Marquina marble, please do not hesitate to contact us


Proposed Uses of Black Marble Tiles

Nero Marquina tile is an ideal option for mostly interior design such as floor and walls. Other uses of black marble are about backsplash, countertop, staircases, sanitary ware and kitchen. Although some designers prefer to utilize it in exterior design including facade and cladding, like any other marble, it might not be a good option. That is because of not being resistant to sunlight, as a result of that, the stone’s colour will fade away after years. 

Nero Marquina Tile


Features and Characteristics of Nero Marquina Tile

To summarize all the traits and features of Negro Markina, we mention some of them in the list below:

    • Black background with irregular white lines
    • High durability
    • Shiny surface
    • High Abrasion resistance
    • High compressive resistance
    • Low porosity
    • Low water absorption
    • High weight
    • High density
    • Reasonable Price
    • Available in all forms such as block, slab and tile
    • Available in all common size
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