Pietra Grey Stone

Pietra Grey Stone

All About Pietra Gray Stone

Pietra grey stone is a stunning Iranian marble that is world-famous. Many people know this stone as Armani grey or Lashotor marble. This marble stone is classified in different sorts based on quality and appearance (the background color and the amount of white lines on it). Due to aesthetic, features and reasonable price, Pietragrey stone is one of the most prominent and best-selling natural stones in the world.


Characteristic and Features

Pietragrey stone has a grey background with white streaks on its surface. The background looks darker and grayish black after processing nd finishing. Important features of this product are about low porosity as well as low water absorption. Moreover, high density, high abrasive resistance, high compressive strength and durability are other characteristics of this natural stone.

Another similar product is Negro Marquina Marble with almost the same appearance and characteristics and darker background. 


Origin Country and Quarries

The origin country of this stone is Iran. In fact, Pietra gray quarries are in in Lashotor area, in south of Esfahan province, the core extraction and production of stone in Iran. Iran ranks first in the world, with 4.7 million tonnes of natural stone resources in the terms of variety of color and quality of stones produced in. It is also the 3rd biggest global marble producer all over the world. Worth mentioning that Pietragrey is the top selling stone in Iran’s local market as well as global market which is offered in blockslab and tile size.

Pietra Grey Stone


Size and Dimensions

According to the high demands for this product, you can find it in any and every sizes that you need: block, slab or tile. In case of gaining more information about the sizes click on  slab and tile.


Price and Rate

There are some elements that can affect the rates of this stone. Such as sort, size, thickness, stone crack, uniformity, stone quality, extraction and process and methods and quality, finish, purity, quality of stone cutting, freight and shipping, stone color and pattern, stone packaging, currency fluctuations and so on. To find out more about the rates and prices please read below articles:


Uses of Pietra Grey Stone

Because of its features, Pietragrey marble stone can be used almost anywhere in interior and exterior design. In particular, for walls, floor, sanitary ware, stairway, backsplash, countertop and even fecade.


Pietra Grey Stone Tile, Slab and More

In order to gain further information and details about Pitra grey stone, price and rate, different types of it, size and colors, texture and finish, quality and features, uses and application, please check this page or click here to contact one of our sales consultants in Borj Stone Corporation.

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